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Give Emil a holler. ;w;b


Sep. 23rd, 2013 09:47 am
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Tentatively, gonna run this October 13th-19th!

So, please comment if you're gonna play 'o'b

I do not predict super serious injuries but... eh, there is a possibility that instability will get you hurt.
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I will post this here too, since plurk has a habit of being fast moving, especially for those with lots of friends.

I am switching plurks!

[plurk.com profile] divine --> [plurk.com profile] hypothetical

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It's been 3 months to the day.

Ask me things.

About Emilatosk, Mako, and John Egbert.

Bonus Nimue as well.


May. 30th, 2013 11:50 pm
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Emil, and Ratatosk, fully do not ping as human anymore. This is a pretty big change, where theoretically, Ratatosk could go back to his original form.

However, doing so is going to slam Ratatosk straight into the powercap, so he wouldn't be able to maintain that form for more than a couple of minutes.

Other things it's going to do:

+ Ratatosk can teleport! This works better if he's actually pacted to someone.
+ Ratatosk can be in ~nothing~ space. Basically, he can be... omnipresent around people he's pacted to, and places he considers his domain. So, Peridot.
+ It's a stamina boost, because he's not dependent on human forms of sustenance anymore.

For the sake of not making Emil obnoxious, Ratatosk would only be able to maintain these for a limited time, or once every few days. All it would take is him experimenting once, and he'd quickly learn that, much to his annoyance, this is a skill that he can only use sparingly. So, teleporting once, and that would make him tired. Omnipresence is pretty much limited to Peridot, and he has to actually focus on it to make it happen, and he can only maintain that for a matter of minutes. Which, he would grow tired of doing very quickly.

Emil will still eat and attempt to sleep and all that, and Ratatosk will too, especially when he powercaps himself. But otherwise, neither of them necessarily have to.

This is going to lead to some extreme awkwardness for Emil, who identifies heavily with being human. As a heads up to Peridot.

Yes... if there are any questions, let me know!
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Emil's will come separately later!

oh god changes and words )

EMIL’S WRITE-UP WILL BE FORTHCOMING, THERE WAS SIGNIFICANTLY LESS CHANGED THERE COMPARATIVELY. And I wanted to get this out before I forgot all the changes. You can ask me things!
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I don't like herbs. )

This memory is just a nice memory of getting to know how he interacted with Raine and Genis better (but Emil has more memories of those two than any of the other origiparty.. WHAT IS BALANCE IN MY MEMORY REGISTRY.) It's not quite positive, but it's not quite negative either.

Monsters! Go and right the balance of mana in the world... and kill every human and half elf! )

This memory is going to be extremely distressing to Emil. It's going to answer a large question he still had looming over his head about, "Who is Aster?" pretty decisively. Aster was a human who wanted Ratatosk's help... and it was Aster who Richter was referring to as "A human with a few screws loose told me that" when he first met him, or at least he's slowly starting to connect the dots there.

Annnnd Ratatosk killed him due to his crazy. So, again, distressing to Emil! And now he knows why he sealed him away, and he will be thinking of it quite seriously. But he also thinks Ratatosk has a few more checks and balances here. So, pending Ratatosk not blowing up disastrously at Peridot... or Echo, for that matter...

This memory doesn't do much for Ratatosk besides pull him more firmly back towards the crazy side. Ratatosk has a hard time arguing with his own logic, especially when he's at his angriest, and he is NOT a very sane summon spirit right now. This one will make him more prone to irrationality than his other Ratatosk memories because, well, this is the first one where he has to actively deal with his mentality after being betrayed. He's seen what he was like before, and what he was like in the midst of being betrayed, but not after the fact.

Even in game, this memory makes him go a little crazier than he had been up to that point. So, we'll see what happens with this.


Sep. 9th, 2012 01:24 am
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Emil is going to be off doing things with Nimue as of morning day 175.

He left a note for Peridot.

I'll be doing shift work at weird hours of the day and I don't really want to even try to think with Emil during that time.

EDIT! I'm adding Mako to this too. >_> Both will be back on Thursday.
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being helpless to stop the plight of the world and save his tree

This is a headcanon memory of Ratatosk's time as, well, Ratatosk. And not masquerading as Emil Castagnier. It is going to have some serious repercussions once Ratatosk actually takes it. So I'm listing out the effects before I go into what this memory actually contains.

1) He will know his true identity. I won't say everything will fall into place, but he will, without a doubt, know that he is Ratatosk, and that Emil is some sort of fabrication.
2) Emil will also receive this memory! As this memory is from his time when Ratatosk wasn't trying to cleave off everything about him that trusted and could be hurt, it's very much Emil's memory too. But this will be predominantly Ratatosk's memory.
3) This memory will set off a visceral reaction in Ratatosk when he finally takes it. He will try to kill something. He'll aim for Mithos, and then settle for anyone close-by if he has to. So, I ask that people work with me on this?
4) This memory will make Emil far less likely to seek out Dream to seal Ratatosk away. HOWEVER, depending on how people deal with Ratatosk's reaction, and how Emil sees it, I would not completely rule it out. This relates to the previous point, and trying to kill someone in visceral rage would be something Emil couldn't tolerate and would push him to seek that option.

I am not necessarily against, in this case, Ratatosk succeeding or almost succeeding. I would prefer he not, and I'm fairly sure that someone will stop him before he can so that option might be off the table entirely.


This thread captures whhhhat happened pretty succinctly. EMIL/RATATOSK WAS NOT ACTUALLY THERE. Assume he watched in horror, and felt it when his tree officially died. H-HENCE THE REACTION! Because the cause of this was not there, and Ratatosk himself was pretty much incapacitated by the feeling... his rage got to just build over thousands of years, instead of getting an immediate release.


A-Any questions...?
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memory 13 )

:') There is a lot of frustration building up from Marta constantly idealizing Emil. The interesting thing is, part of it is legit frustration at Marta not seeing him for who he really is, but the other part is definitely Emil not being comfortable with having high expectations set for himself, so when he inevitably falls (which he did in this scene by being selfish about not wanting to help anyone that idealized Lloyd), it sucks because of course he would never be able to live up to such high standards, why would you even expect better of me?

+ 50 Hating people having expectations for what he should do
+ 50 Frustration with Marta
+ 100 Negative Self-Esteem points

memory 14 )

This entire memory is mostly an enigma to Emil. But he recognizes that he is willing to kill to protect Marta. And even if he feels bad, horrible about it even, he recognizes that there was no other way this could have worked out.

A few things will be very obvious to Emil after this memory: Ratatosk was definitely sealed off. He was definitely fighting on his own power by this point. He loved Marta very much, which is going to be extreme whiplash to him after the previous memory, where he was frustrated and fairly resentful of her. And he knows that he is planning something horrible, but that he's very purposely keeping said plan only to the edge of his memories. "I started this" completely confuses him.. because no he didn't. Or did he?

If he shares this memory with anyone spiritually sensitive, he's going to ping a lot harder as 'not human' than he currently does, because he is definitely keyed up.

He also gets to see his mystic arte, and a preview of how he can fight on his own. :') Expect him to start practicing aerial combos.


Emil will sound like Guy if he is exceptionally serious.
Guy will sound like Emil if he is being girlteased.
Ratatosk will sound like Guy if he calms his shit down.
Guy will sound like Ratatosk for those rare moments of absolute fury.

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So, have you ever wondered, "Jesus, what's wrong with those crazy Peridot kids?"

Well, fear not. I've created an easy power point for your perusal.

It is here.

If you have any questions, don't look at me, I just work here.
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I don't even know how long it's been. But I feel like babbling about my characters.

Question meme! Ask me headcanon-y things, shippy things, song calls, relationships, etc for my characters. I will answer and ask in return.

Goes for Emilatosk and Judith.


Mar. 18th, 2012 12:17 pm
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Oh no, the colorful relationship meme... :D

// friends //
best friends - [above all others]
close friends - [sharing secrets and dreams]
friends - [laughing together]
on good terms - [our silver lining]
friends by association - [a smile passing by]
emerging friends - [tentative bonds]
former friends - [gone astray]
longtime friends - [for so long]

More... )

And we can move from there into a for real question meme. I promise I'll answer it. For Judith and Emil!
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I'm massively behind with my write-ups, so I'll be catching up now.

memory 08, Richter is a really nice guy! )

memory 09, Alice's obsession with power. )

memory 010, Lloyd's stupid masks. )


Mar. 8th, 2012 07:38 pm
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I kind of wanted to do a SOTU of my characters right now, since I don't think I've done that in awhile.

Judith )

Emil )
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Until 5:44.

... Awww Emil does (psyduck) all on his own.

Aaaanyway. OMG MARTA MEMORY!!! and this is like. The Marta Memory man.

+ 100 khdfjksdhfjdshf what is this girl talking about 'Will I save her' again. She's gotta be kidding me!
+ 50 ksdfjksdhf what was I thinking going out there by myself... Man, I suck at this fighting thing.
+ 20 ... did I have amnesia problems before Aather?

Expect a lot of psyducking and w-w-what /// from him for the rest of the day, even as he. Works on his quest to fix his eye. :T

I will use this chance to segue into an essay I mentioned I wanted to do on Plurk. :U


Lloyd provided a temporary solution for Ratatosk to not attack others, butttt I'm going to make this post serve double duty as a memory write-up and a permissions list. If you are okay with Ratatosk attacking you, please comment here.

I cannot guarantee it will ever happen, because I'm not entirely sure I'll ever be ready for the fallout that Emil will inevitably have to deal with, but. Just in case.
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[You land on a dirt path. But it's about the only thing that is, well, natural. Your surroundings are made of glass. Glass trees, glass sunflowers, glass grass. The path cuts between all of those things, and leads forward to two doors.

There appears to be a monster waiting in between them, but he too appears to be made into glass. The doors are different, one being neat and fairly new, the other having seen much better days. However, it's still fairly sturdy.

If you look behind the monster and between the doors, it appears like something should be there. It's a very obvious void, in both feeling and in sight. If you look at the ground between them, you can see hairline cracks starting to spread out into the ground.]
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... what it says on the box.



Jan. 15th, 2012 12:04 pm
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This will be updated as Emil makes new monster pacts:

- Lanternowl (female, Emma)
- Mikage (... male...)
- Lightning Rat (Male, Camron)
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